Dreams 2002-2017


When working on these diptychs, I used think of them as dreams. Like dreams, they arrived without warning much as dreams do. Like dreams, once in a while one was memorable, but many, like dreams, tended only to interest their maker.


 But in the process of making this website I thought I’d group the few remaining to see what I have.  The earliest in this collection was made in 2002 but I have been making dream diptychs long before that, at least since the late 60s.  A few from those days have survived, but many have escaped the bonds of their archives, vanishing like a dream does a moment or two after you awake.


Why diptychs? That’s the form they insist on taking; two, or sometimes three images, combining to form a single image. At one time, I was interested in the idea of synergy; the notion that a phantom image would arise when you combine two disparate images, particularly if the two didn’t seem to belong together.


 But in looking at them now, I don’t hear that bell ringing; they remain what they are, for the most part irrational juxtapositions, perhaps dream-like, perhaps not. The moral of that story is that if you work long enough, ideas that once held you in their conceptual grip tend to eventually slip away much like dreams themselves.

But I haven’t stopped dreaming; the more real my sleeping dreams have become, the harder it is to convince myself in the morning that where I find myself is what they call the real world.  


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